Social Responsibility

With great fruit delivery comes great responsibility



On Thursday 18 May 2017, we launched a new community initiative - The One Box. The program will provide 25,000 boxes of fresh fruit, vegetables, milk and bread over the course of 2017 to Aussie families in need with an aim to expand into the future.

Our usually chilly warehouse turned into a very "warm one" with many customers, suppliers, partners and staff attending the launch of our new community initiative. Heartfelt speeches were made during the event which included our Master of Ceremonies Hamsa Farah, our CEO Martin Halphen, the Operations Manager from the Kingston City Church Kris Jack, and Patron of The Huddle, Andrew Swallow. View our videos that captured the heart-warming speeches at our launch of The One Box.

Our aim of The One Box is to provide ongoing, sustainable support to help families live better. Around 5% of Australians experience food insecurity and healthy food habits are especially financially challenging for low-income families who need to spend a third of their income to eat well (Australian Institute of Family Studies*).

The distribution of The One Box is through selected food relief partners located in Melbourne. The impact is being seen first hand already. One agency witnessed children enthusiastically enjoying mandarins for the first time and as well as devouring carrots and celery instead of their usual take away snack.

Wellbeing and ‘doing good’ is at the heart of what we do. In 2007, we explored ways to give back to the community through food rescue programs - we currently donate around 20,000 pieces of fruit per week to organisations such as Fareshare and Oz Harvest. We felt there was still more that could be done.

“As our business grows, so does our corporate social responsibility,” Martin Halphen, CEO & Founder says, “In a plentiful country like Australia, it’s shocking that so many families are going without. We believe that one box of fresh produce each week can make a real difference to families in need, hopefully creating a healthy foundation for children now and having a lifetime influence on health.”

We hope our program inspires other businesses to develop new ways to 'give back'.  Be sure to follow the One Box story via our Facebook and LinkedIn

If you have any questions about The One Box please contact the Head of CSR at The Fruit Box Group please send us an enquiry. 

Ref: *Australian Institute of Family Studies, Food Insecurity in Australia: What is it, who experiences it and how can child and family services support families experiencing it? 2011