What's in the box

You can’t pick your colleagues, but you can pick your fruit

But you won’t even have to. When we fill orders, we hand pick each item, to make sure that each is perfectly ripe and free of blemishes and bruises. We make sure you get the best healthy office snacks.

Our products are sourced from local fruit and vegetable markets - bringing you the freshest of the fresh you can find.  

We are so good at sourcing the best seasonal fruit and we guarantee to replace any fruit or order that you are not satisfied with! Now that takes grapes the size of melons.

The Fruit Box office fruit

We’ve got variety, and it’s seasonal

Our menu has a wide variety and is updated regularly to ensure that our customers get only the best seasonal fruit available – the best healthy snacks.

To ensure every customer in every region gets the best fruit our fruit range differs by state and season.  Sourcing locally guarantees freshness and quality - as well as supporting local farmers, suppliers and helps the economy across the country. 

We also have a range of pantry items and mini vegies to spice up your fruit box - why not add dried nuts & fruits, bread, crumpets or some vegie snacks which includes cherry tomatoes.

To find out where our fruit is grown check out our interactive fruit map.


A typical box includes a seasonal selection of:

Office Fruit Sundowner Apples
A variety of Apples
Office Fruit Bananas
Office Fruit Kiwi Fruit
Kiwi fruit
Fruit Hamper in Timber Box
Office Fruit Mandarin Afourer
Office Fruit Nectarines
Office Fruit Peaches
Office fruit Plums
Office fruit Seedless Grapes
Seedless Grapes

Special seasonal fruits can be added to your box:

Office fruit Avocado
Office fruit Lemons & Limes
Lemons & Limes
Office fruit watermelons
Watermelons (whole)
Office fruit Pineapples
Pineapples (whole)
Office fruit Honeydew & Rockmelons
Honeydew & Rockmelons (whole)
Office fruit mangoes
Office fruit Passionfruit
Office fruit strawberries
Strawberries (punnet)
Office fruit dates
Dates (punnet)
Office fruit Mini Tomatoes
Mini Tomatoes (punnet or tub)