How It Works

How it works Step 1 - Crunch some numbers

First, figure out how much fruit you want to order. We normally figure on each person having an average of two or three pieces a week but it’s entirely your call.


How it works Step 2 - Pick your fruit

Now, work out exactly which fruit you want – and/or don’t want – for your order. Or, you can simply leave it up to us to go bananas and create a mix of the freshest, ripest, tastiest fruit in the market that day. You can always change your order at any time.


How it works Step 3 - Order & Pay

With so many choices, the best way to place your order is to give us a call on 1300 766 760. We can set you up for as little as $20 per week. Call us for a no obligation free quote today. 

Our zesty staff members are ready to discuss your needs, delivery days, frequency, payment preference and pricing. Speaking of which, you can pay by either cheque, credit card or direct deposit and we invoice monthly.

Plus, we can also consolidate a corporate account across multiple departments or even state offices.


How it works Step 4 - It's a date

You get on with your business while we get on with ours: delivering boxes of fresh fruit right to your doorstep, your department or even your kitchen.