Fruit Delivery Perth

Ahh Perth!

You may be one of the most far-flung cities on earth but we’ll be damned if you can’t get a premium fresh fruit delivery to your air-conditioned office park. We even source our fruit from Western Australian farmers wherever possible, so you can enjoy your Fruit Box with a clean and fresh conscious.

When The Fruit Box came on the scene in 2001, our fruit delivery service must have been just what the mandarins of Melbourne were waiting for because word soon spread on the grapevine. By 2008 we were officially a national business as we expanded out west.  Today, we now make up to 30,000 workplace deliveries of fruit boxes every week across the country.

The guys who make our office deliveries in the Perth area will soon get to know you and exactly where you’d like your box of fruit deposited, whether that’s just at reception or all the way into the office kitchen to save your back.

(Don’t worry, though: we ensure all our drivers have had a recent national police check)

Perth fruit delivery areas

Every weekday, our little vans plot a course across the Perth negotiating one way streets, bus express ways and the Hay Street Mall on their fresh fruit delivery.

But we also deliver to most other business districts on Mondays and Wednesdays, so call us on 1300 766 760 to find out exactly where and when we can get to you. 

We usually complete the majority of our deliveries by 10.30 am, subject to traffic conditions and location. (So, if the Esplanade has come to a standstill, we hope you don’t give us a raspberry when our exasperated driver arrives.)