Why choose us?

More local than local

We have facilities in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, SA and WA - we purchase from local producers to meet the needs of our 'local' customers in each region. This supports economies across the country and helps spread the love to farmers across our wide, brown land. Local produce also means all our customers get the freshest, locally produced fruits wherever possible. 

Healthy staff, happy staff

We can testify that your staff will love our fruit (and milk, nuts, bread, mini vegies...) and create a healthy and motivated workplace.

The Fruit Box delivers to over 8,000 offices around Australia – we are the leading supplier of workplace fruit boxes. With over 600,000 pieces of fruit being distributed each week there must be something in it.

Only good can come from having a health and well-being program - it is a super easy to provide fruit and is a cost effective way to promote healthy habits with your team.   

We love being different – don’t you?

We are different in a good way, for starters we provide each customer with a high level of flexibility for each and every delivery. Our range is not limited to standard products, instead we review what’s in season and adjust according to the box size requested. 

We stick to your budget – every season

Fresh produce prices can fluctuate dramatically on a weekly basis, so to maintain a great selection of fruit each week we alter the mix slightly to ensure the best possible value for money - while ensuring you get the best of the season’s produce. 

Quality Control plus Health and Safety

We absolutely pride ourselves on our food, health and safety regulations. We are HACCP certified which means we have met rigorous quality control checking process – from farm to every single office. We have it covered!

We love a clean and safe environment – our staff love it too. Our Good Housekeeping principles, which are outlined in our Quality Management systems are applied to maintain safety and quality of all the products that we distribute.

Our Food Quality Management system and Food Safety Program provides us with the confidence that what we provide and deliver is consistent with the high standards associated with the HACCP.

Social Responsibility

We also support the local community via The One Box which is currently providing boxes of fresh fruit, vegies, bread and milk to families in need.  We are committed to addressing the need of food shortage via our social resonsiblity programs.  For more about how we support the community please click here.