Our story

Here is an authentic story of a small business entrepreneur who believes 'small is beautiful'


It all started with a seed of a great idea in 2001: wouldn’t it be much better for office workers if they could snack on fresh fruit instead of junk?

To make it easier to manage, we thought, we could make up a box of whatever these people liked – as long as it was seasonal and premium quality fruit and deliver it to their door with a big smile and a small bill.

The Fruit Box was the result based on smart technology and even smarter buying to ensure our customers are always 100% satisfied with our fruit, our service and our value for money.

Deliciously, both our network and our business have been growing ever since.

In fact, today, we deliver 625,000 pieces of fruit per week that have been individually hand-picked and hand-packed to over 9,000 Aussie businesses every year.

The cherry on the top for each of these companies is that eating well has had a really healthy impact on their people’s lives.

Not to mention the local growers we source our fruit from fresh in each state we operate.

We also support the local community via The One Box which is currently providing 40,000 boxes of fresh fruit, vegies, bread and milk to families in need in 2018.  We are committed to addressing the need of food shortage via our social responsiblity programs.  For more about how we support the community please click here.

Delivering fruit boxes to offices daily: does that have a peel for you?