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If you want your business to be more fruitful, fill your staff with fruit: the snack attack that beats the munchies and wins the battle of the bulge.

Since 2001, The Fruit Box has grown to become Australia’s leading workplace fruit delivery service because our fruit is fresh, sourced from local markets and is always premium quality. We rush it to your premises – and even your department – with daily deliveries in every mainland capital city as well as major regional centres.

So, dodge the stodge. Give chocolate bars the nudge. And don’t spend big bickies on… er… bickies.

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Office fruit delivery made easier!

How it works


Running a successful and happy workplace starts with setting up a healthy work environment. Around Australia businesses of all sizes making changes for the better. By providing your employees and colleagues with fruit from The Fruit Box, you too can be a part of this healthy office revolution.

Beyond the great health benefits, getting fresh fruit delivered is a convenient and great way to demonstrate that your company values its employees.

First, figure out how much fruit you want to order. We normally figure on each person having an average of two or three pieces a week but it’s entirely your call.

Now, work out exactly which fruit you want – and/or don’t want – for your order. Or, you can simply leave it up to us to go bananas and create a mix of the freshest, ripest, tastiest fruit in the market that day. You can always change your order at any time.

From the bananabenders way up north to the grape-farmers in the west, The Fruit Box delivery network has all the states on mainland Australia covered.

Our cheery cherry-bearers in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, as well as some major regional centres, bring you office fruit for the workplace with each capital having its own warehouse and logistical centre.  Our fruit is sourced from the best fruit and vegtable suppliers in the country and we ensure you get the freshed locally sourced quality products from your local market every week.