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Market Report - 2009 archive

  • November 2009

    Over 2000 years ago the seed was planted and the design for our November 2009 Fruit Box was under way.

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  • September 2009

    Have you been coughing, sneezing or had an annoying runny nose lately?

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  • August 2009

    Born in 1777 John McIntosh chanced across a number of wild seedling apple trees growing adjacent to his farm in South East Canada.

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  • July 2009

    July's offerings include a tasty vitamin packed assortment of wall-to-wall goodness.

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  • May 2009

    They originated in the Far East several thousand years ago. They can be squeezed for juice, added to salads and provide a zesty tang to culinary delights.

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  • April 2009

    Rolling their way back into our menus are delicious Imperial Mandarins. Sweet and succulent, straight from the grower's market, this year's mandarin crops...

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  • March 2009

    After a tumultuous month of flooding, droughts and fires, we are fortunately rolling back on track!

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  • February 2009

    Fortunately the apple season is underway and we are delighted to include new season Royal Galas.

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  • January 2009

    The celebrated news is that warm weather is upon us and so too are our delectable assortment of summer fruits.

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