Starting from as little as $19.50 (only $9.75 p/w during the trial)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I stop or change my order, are there any contracts?

A. We do not lock you into any contracts. You can stop or change your order as required by contacting our friendly customer service team either by phone or email. We ask that you provide us with 24 hours notice for any changes to your order. You can make changes to anything to do with your deliveries – the scheduled day, the frequency (daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly), or even the types of fruit that are included in the variety mix.

Q. What are the obligations with the 50% discount trial offer?

A. Trial our service for two weeks and get a 50% discount off our normal price. The trial will help you gauge the quality of our product and service and there is absolutely no obligation beyond the trial, but we’re very confident that you won’t look back.

Q. What kinds of Fruit can I expect in my delivery? Can I provide you with my Fruit preferences?

A. Here is the link to our Fruit Market Report which will give you an idea of what to expect in your fruit box. The mix changes depending on the season and availability. You can select any particular fruit preferences that you may have – you can tell us exactly which fruits are both included and excluded from your order.

Q. Can I include other fruits not already in the Standard Mix?

A. Subject to market prices and seasonal availability, we can include other fruits in your delivery. Some examples include Strawberries, Grapes, Avocadoes, Lemons, Dried Fruit & Nut mixes, etc. There are no additional costs if you would like to add one or more of these to your box, however we would remove some existing pieces to make up the difference (for example, by adding a nut mix we may remove 3 bananas and a red apple).

Q. How much flexibility do I have in my order?

A. The Fruit Box gives you a high level of flexibility with your fruit boxes. Most suppliers have a limited range of choices i.e. a standard or large box of mixed fruit. The Fruit Box has invested significantly in software and systems that enable you to have flexibility in:

  • Quantities and box sizes
    You can select the exact amount of fruit and how you want the order split into different boxes.
  • Fruit preferences
    You can select any particular fruit preferences that you may have – you can tell us exactly which fruits are both included and excluded from your order.
  • Order frequency
    You can have anything from daily, weekly, monthly or ad hoc orders.

Q. What time will my fruit arrive?

A. We aim for all deliveries to be completed by 11am. Occasionally, due to circumstances outside of our control, there may be a delay with your delivery. Rest assured, the delivery is on its way, but feel free to contact our Customer Service Team for further information.

Q. What happens when my delivery falls on a Public Holiday?

A. If your delivery falls on a Public Holiday we generally deliver your fruit on the following business day, unless you tell us otherwise.

Q. What days do you deliver?

A. We provide a daily delivery service to most major business centres, providing you with an option of splitting your order into multiple deliveries to ensure freshness of the fruit throughout the week.

Q. What areas do you currently deliver to?

A. We currently deliver our fresh fruit baskets to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Geelong, Gold Coast, and Newcastle.

Q. When and how will I receive my invoice?

A. You can be invoiced per order, weekly, or monthly. Our streamlined accounts system sends invoices electronically to your preferred email address.

Payment can be made by direct deposit, cheque or credit card. Our payment terms are 14 days.

Q. How do I place an order?

A. With so many options (order size, delivery days, fruit preferences, delivery frequency and payment preferences), we like to discuss your order over the phone or in person.

Call us now on 1300-766-760 or email us your enquiry to get your first fruit box on the way.

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